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What is Educational Movement Systems (EMS)?

Educational Movement Systems is the name of my eclectic business as a massage therapist, movement teacher, and professional writer in this field. I began my business in 1983 in Denver, Colorado under the name Integrative Movement Systems. The name was changed to Educational Movement Systems in 2002 when I set up my first website and discovered that there were no URLs available for "Integrative Movement Systems" because it is such a widely used business name. 

EMS Press, LLC publishes the Somatic Patterning textbook and educational resources for CE classes and Pain-Free Posture programs.

What is Somatic Patterning (SP)?

Somatic is the body in all its realms. Somatic therapies are based on the premise that physical body patterns of posture and movement reflect a person's thoughts, feeling, and experiences. A somatic approach to massage and bodywork helps a person make a body-mind connection.

Patterning is any intentional method of working with the body, through education, bodywork, and self-awareness, to improve joint and muscle patterns. 

Somatic Patterning (SP) integrates the knowledge of the anatomy and kinesiology with practical applications and exercises to improve posture and movement. Professional applications for massage and bodywork practitioners are also made for self-care, hands-on skills, body mechanics, and client education. 

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SP March 2015 Practice Guide for BREATHING


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New: Chapter 1 has been updated and fully revised.

MORE INFORMATION about the new SP Chapter 1.
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Therapeutic Kinesiology: Musculoskeletal Systems, Palpation, and Body Mechanics
Published by Pearson , 2013

Mary Ann Foster, B.A., R.M.T. is a somatic practitioner, educator, and author ofSomatic Patterning (EMS Press, 2004) and Therapeutic Kinesiology (Pearson, 2012). Mary Ann has practiced massage therapy since 1981 and maintains a massage and bodywork practice in Longmont, Colorado. 

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