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Mary Ann has written a number of articles about the movement therapies in massage and bodywork, with applications to hands-on sessions, body mechanics and self-care, and posture and movement efficiency. Many of her articles have been published in the Massage and Bodywork Magazine.


1. A Case for the Human Stance in Body Mechanics - A discussion of the problems that occur when a massage therapists works from a bent-knee position, often called the "horse stance" and the benefits of working from a natural, upright posture, which Maryann terms the "human stance."


 2. 13 Tips to Stretching Sanity - In this article, you will find an explanation of some basic stretching techniques, as well as tips for stretching with optimal skeletal alignment.


3. Somatic Education and the Movement Therapies - This articles present an overview of four of the groundbreaking somatic movement therapies—Labanalysis and the Barteneiff Fundamantels, Rolfing, the Alexander Technique, and the Feldenkrais Method. It also looks at ways the practitioners integrate exercises from these therapies into their hands-on sessions.


The "Talk About Touch" COLUMNS were a brainchild of the M & B editors, who thought the conversations Mary Rose and I had about massage were fascinating and educational. Mary and I had a lot of fun co-writing these columns, and learned a lot about writing and massage. We covered a wide range of topics, many controversial, about the practice of massage. We also researched every column to back it up with fact, to expand our views, and to question our own belief systems. Enjoy!


The SOMATIC ANATOMY series of articles looks at ways to bring the study of anatomy, physiology, and kinesiology alive in the massage classroom. Each article presents a basic topic that massage students can study from a holistic point of view, and offers exercises for integrating the science into practical hands-on applications, as well the improvement of posture and movement.


4. Somatic Anatomy - Body Systems

5. Somatic Anatomy - Spatial Concepts

6. Somatic Anatomy - Cells, Molecules, Atoms, and Energy

7. Somatic Anatomy - Listening Touch and Tissues Layering

8. Somatic Anatomy - Visualizing Bones in Body Mechanics

9. Somatic Anatomy - Muscles and the "Postural Flute"

Mary Ann Foster, B.A., R.M.T. is a somatic practitioner, educator, and author ofSomatic Patterning (EMS Press, 2004) and Therapeutic Kinesiology (Pearson, 2012). Mary Ann has practiced massage therapy since 1981 and maintains a massage and bodywork practice in Longmont, Colorado. 

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